ANM Furniture

ANM Furniture is a family owned and operated business, which has been a wholesale/manufacturer for over 30 years, successfully establishing itself in both hospitality and contract markets. Holding a quality range of our own imported items from around the world, ANM Furniture strives to supply up-to-date and reliable designs, ensuring confidence and quality in all of its product range with the most absolute affordability.

We recognise the narrow deadlines demanded by our industry, which is why we frequently stock the complete list of our product collection, and manufacturer custom goods in-house to meet the needs and requirements of all applications. Working closely with our clients has always been apart of our culture, whether it would be shop ideas, seating solutions, budget restrictions, and other obstacles and possibilities, we always endeavour to help and support our clients, building and maintaining a positive, reliable, business relationship.

With the vast experience that ANM Furniture has to offer, sourcing/manufacturing specific and custom furniture, is always achievable, and can be supplied at the most competitive rates on the market.